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Martinique far from the beaten tracks

Would you like to discover the real side of Martinique ?
Natiyabel takes you out for a complete different day !
You will get the possibility to schedule your own day : conciliate sportive activities with visits to local people's; discover sumptuous and little busy beaches; choose to get right into the depths of the tropical forest where the tourist paths stop but where the authentic Martinique reveals itself.

Do you enjoy (scuba) diving ? We will make you discover various and mythic sites, but also the little known ones where nature stays spotless.
Are you fond of hiking tours? Would you prefer trying canyoning or canoeing? "Pa ni poblem!"
You will follow us across the damp forest of the North and we will bring you to the most beautiful waterfalls through footpaths that are not even sign-posted.
Do you fell like experiencing West Indian festive way of life "from the inside" ? We will make you share truly favoured times.

In (Antillean) Creole, "Nati ya bel" means "nature is beautiful"

In Martinique, there are thousands of species under the water as well as above. You will come across them while hiking and diving, with a constantly renewed pleasure. In this section are displayed some pictures which will give you an insight of this natural wonders. (extracts from S.Weinberg's book : "Découvrir la mer des Caraïbes et l'Atlantique tropical")


Alex will be your guide and initiator.

Alex Alex was born in Martinique. After some years of studies in Europe, he decided to go back home and to dedicate himself to tourism and scuba diving in his island. He had his heart set on sharing his real passion : nature.

He perfectly knows his island, up to every nook and cranny of it. He will be able to make you discover it's hidden treasures : magical sites but also authentic and endearing people who will bring to light for you the West Indies true nature.

He has of course all the qualifications required to ensure your security , since he passed successfully state degrees allowing him to be a diving instructor and a hiking tour guide.



Your safety comes first !

To set off in search of adventure is great. To do it in complete safety is better !

Natiyabel masters all the required skills in this field; it owns the indispensable insurance policies and the most reliable equipment.
We use Salomon, Addidas and Lafuma equipment for hiking, Scubapro's and Mares's for scuba diving.

Natiyabel is a member of the Martinique's hiking tour guides association, of the national mountain tour guides union and of the national diving instructors association


Test various enjoyments and experiences.

Natiyabel is based on an original concept: tailor-made agendas combining aquatic and earthly activities.

That concept offers a real advantage : days on the island filled up with different activities allow the participants to have an insight of the various treasures which are to discover there.

Genuineness comes first
Our aim : to make you discover rare sites and endearing people, two elements which will help you building true holiday memories.

With Natiyabel, you won't see "everybody's" Martinique and we will do everything possible to make you experience real special moments

A different conception of welcome
Natiyabel finds it particularly important to take care over the quality of welcome and of sincerity in human relationships.
Once arrived, you will have the felling to be welcomed and guided by friends. Groups are always very small (up to 6 persons only), which allows you to live intensely your day